Maruti’s First 800 Car Can Be On Sale, People Are In Hurry To Buy It

India’s First Maruti 800 Car –


First Car Of Maruti 800

The nation’s first Maruti 800 is now decaying. Buyer Harpal Singh died in year 2010. In 2012 his wife Gulsanveer Kaur died. Now 1983 model car with registration number ‘DIA 6479’ is rusting in Harpal Singh’s house in Green Park of South Delhi. Harpal Singh’s two daughters lives with their husbands in different regions of south Delhi. They are not able to take care of the car. Car was on the road for last time for more then a year ago. Harpal Singh’s son-in-law TS Ahluwalia says that they can sell Maruti. However, pressure of keeping the car with them is there on them. However, he believed that the expenditure is costlier at its Maintenance. Perhaps that is why Harpal Singh’s family wants to sell it.

Many are willing to buy –

Harpal Singh’s relatives after expressing the desire to sell the car in Delhi, chairman of the famous real estate company from ILD group Mr. Alimuddin Rafi Ahmed to member of parliament Derek O’Brien is willing to buy it. Alimuddin Rafi Ahmed, said that to keep maruti’s 1st 800 car in his garage or drive it sometimes is itself an achievement. Rajendra Bagga Maruti owner of maruti showroom in East delhi has also shown his interest in buying the car, Even Maruti Company Ltd. is interested in taking the car. The company said in a statement that the family will be contacted soon.

Be placed in the museum –

Sunil Saurabh knowledgeable of auto sector in the country said that credit of bringing the auto revolution in the country goes to Maruti 800, Thus its better to keep maruti’s 1st model in the museum.

Indira Gandhi had given the keys –


Key of the first Maruti 800 were given to Harpal Singh by Country’s Prime Minister Indera Gandhi in year 1983 during a program.