Maria the Tattooed Vampire to be Waxed

Maria the Tattooed Vampire to be Waxed –

The world is full of people, who wish to look different from the normal crowd and one such person is Vampire Woman named “Maria”. Certainly, Maria Hose Christina is the citizen of Mexico and considers herself as a real life vampire. The story behind her tattooed body and awkward hairstyle is that she was tortured by her ex-husband. Troubled by such problems, she got her complete body tattooed. Indeed, she is a tattoo artist herself and is of 35 years old. What makes her look different is that she has added small horns on her head too.


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It is because of her weird looks that kids and elders get scared on seeing her. However, Maria has a dream to establish her as a Vampire Woman and scare the future generation with her looks. To fulfill this dream, an entertainment company has taken responsibility of creating a wax statue of Maria and placing in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. The statue will be artistically crafted by an artist named Bruce Miller, who considers it a challenge to immortalize her tattooed body. Along with this, her horns and awkward head are also a part of challenge that he has to master it. Considering this, a team of craftsmen has begun developing the wax statue of Maria.