Man Made Hell For Animals or Limit of In-saneness Of Human being.

SHOCKING! The Surabaya Zoo: The Zoo of Death.

Zoos are made for rescuing animals but here they are treated like they don’t have any right to live. These animals are suffering from severe diseases related to skin, weight, hunger etc. and they are compelled to live because of negligent management of this zoo so at last they die in such drastic conditions.

Starting of last journey for animals.


A Black beer having sufficient number of injuries because of which it is living in moribund condition.


The lion has lost it’s teeths, now eating is a miserable task to it. 



Melani, A Sumatran tiger losing it’s body because of scarcity of necessary requirements

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They are rumored to have their most valuable body parts sold into the $5 billion per year illegal wildlife trade.According to rumor Body parts are used in illegal wildlife business of these animals.



Conditions of paying attention by keepers can easily be seen by seeing death of this african lion, he was found dead hanging by cables which keepers use to open and close the cage.


This giraffe died because of a 39 pound wighted beach ball sized wad of plastic food wrappers which was found in autopsy of it.

9The bison is compelled to live without it’s eyes.



Pelicans are kept in a number in such congested rooms where they even can not spread their wings sufficiently



Kidney and liver disease took life of this tiger while it was severly paining by it’s left side ear injury.



Adult as well as baby elephant are chained in a manner that their legs starts bleeding but still they are bound to live like in such situation.

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  Swollen joints are proven life taker because it was chained drastically for along time


Sudden death of this dragon shows that how all the necessary living things like air, water has become severally sick for living beings here.

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