Mallika Sherawat reacts to Om puri’s vexation


Mallika Sherawat reacts to Om puri’s vexation –Dirty Politics Poster Mallika Sherawat

The tiff between the co-stars of “Dirty Politics” doesn’t seem to end. Mallika Sherawat retorted to Om Puri’s anger by saying,”It is really disheartening to see an old man behave in this despicable manner with a young girl!”.

Mallika Sherawat passed a comment on Om Puri in the show “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. She had said that Om Puri had dyed his hair before shooting the love-making scene with her. The senior actor was vexed by this comment of his co-star and is said to have confronted her immediately after.

Mallika Sherawat had previously said that it was difficult for her to shoot such a scene with a senior actor, but Om Puri had made the experience comfortable for her. But the comment that she made on Kapil’s show angered Om Puri. She was reported to have apologized for the same when confronted by him.

Their film “Dirty Politics” is set to release on 13th February.