Madonna Kisses a flailing Drake at Coachella Music Festival

Madonna Kisses Drake at Coachella Music Festival –

The Queen of Pop, 56, showed up at the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday, April 12, making that big appearance in Indio, Calif. amid Drake‘s execution of his single “Madonna.” She turned up the warmth on the main event, 28, as she sang “Human Nature,” a solitary off of her 1994 collection Bedtime Stories.


Madonna feels weak at the knees over making out with individual performers on the stage.

To begin with it was Britney and Christina, and now rapper Drake has been forced to bear a little lip activity from Madge.

While the blondes played around with it, Drake seemed not exactly enthused after Madonna‘s delayed kiss in front of an audience at the Coachella music celebration in California on Sunday.

The minute began guilelessly enough, with Drake sitting in a chair on the stage as Madonna moved around him in a meager dark outfit and over-the-knee dark cowhide boots. Drake didn’t recognize what he was in for, be that as it may, when Madonna chose to mark off one of her long-term objectives amidst the show.


She did simply that and all the more on Sunday night, strutting up to Drake as he leaned back and tilting his head back to meet hers. Madonna then went in on the rapper, needlessly making out with him and moving a wheeze from the Coachella swarm.

The “Most noticeably awful Behavior” entertainer appeared into the kiss at initially, stroking Madonna’s hair before she batted his hand away. It appeared to get on the verge of excessively extraordinary for the Degrassi alum, be that as it may, when he tossed his hand down and gave a solid scowl as Madonna at last pulled away.

“Oh s–t,” Drake said after wiping his mouth and covering his eyes with his hand. “What the f–k just happened?” He shared a photo of the kiss via Instagram, captioning the shot, “Moments to write home about.”

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