Life underwater is Stunning

Underwater refers to the region below the sea, river, lake or a pond. About 71% of earth is covered by water. The life under water is beautiful as well as holds many mysteries. It is full of diverse fishes and plants. Thus exploring the underwater world is an adventure in itself.

Aquatic Plants:


There is a huge variety of aquatic flora under water. Coral reefs form a major part of the vegetation found underground. The aquatic fish feed on the plants available underground. There are submerged, floating and emergent categories of plants. Submerged plants are rooted underwater and do not extend to the surface, while floating plants float freely and the third category is rooted at the bottom as well as extends to the surface. Eelgrass is a submerged plant, Duckweed is a floating variety and Water lily is an emergent plant. These plants add to the beauty of the marine life.

Aquatic animals:


The underwater life is full of variety of fishes. Sharks, whale, starfish etc. and various other fishes form a part of underwater life. They are a source of food as well as tourist attraction.

People spend lots of bugs to explore the underground beauty. Sports like Scuba divingSnorkeling etc. are famous which help you to explore the stunning underwater life. There are also underwater museums which make it easy to view the underwater world. There are underwater hotels too created for helping people to explore this gorgeous life.

Being beautiful, the underwater world is equally scary and hence must be explored with precautions. Thus, under water life is a combination of beauty and hidden mystery one must surely explore.