Lady Came Up With An Invention To Save 12 Million People, She’s Genius!

This is the city of São Paulo, Brazil.


This is the São Paulo those pamphlets won’t show you.


In fact, 12 million people in São Paulo are running out of water. More than the number of people in New York City.And there is a lot of people who don’t have proper drinking water or water to flush their toilets or wash their clothes.

Terezinha Silva,This woman is trying to help out with the water shortage.


This woman trying to get rid of the water shortage problem of the people. She found out an easy way to overcome this problem. Check out this pictured below. It shows how she has done it.

Her solution? It’s really simple, but it’s also simply brilliant. It involves rainwater.
Water from the ceiling? But yuck!
Mosquitoes were in the water? Yuck!
Filtered water! But what if the barrel gets too full?
And there you have it! A barrel with usable water that started out as water dripping from the ceiling with mosquitoes.
Let’s hope this simple and easy solution can kick out the water problem ever. Spread this news everywhere to make aware of water problem worldwide.