Check out !! Kanye West Wearing Heels

Kanye West Wearing Heels –

Appears like off late West has been about amazements. Possibly there’s something noticeable all around at Paris Fashion Week, however as much we cherished his amazement execution, we’re not feeling this stunner to such an extent. That is to say, umm… heels? Truly, Kany…


Did you Saw? That is the thing that he decided to wear of all things to the Givenchy show. I have no words. Don’t see it? Here, investigated look.


Is West pulling them off or is like this to irregular, actually for Yeezus? I’m supposing he ought to have adhered to his sweatshirts and shoes.

P.S – Kim Kardashian West, then again, resembles Kanye’s pulling some BDSM sh*t on her in that number. Cooking something….