It’s time for a girl to save the world, say hello to The Super Girl

After the most beloved and bravest of all the super heros THE SUPER-MAN, it’s time to witness the wonder of The Super Girl. Yes, you heard it right, soon the Second screen will get hit by series named SUPER GIRL. CBS’s has finally released character suit, the announcement was made by the release of the first official photo of actress Melissa Benoist wearing the suit.

The Suit is designed by Three times Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed the suits for CW’s The Flash and Arrow. Atwood, was also the lead costume designer for Snow White and The Huntsmen, Alice in Wonderland and Chicago. The lead actress also dyed her hair blonde to give a touch of superman cousin.


2015’s Supergirl will follow Clark Kent’s cousin, Kara-Zor-El at the age of 24 as she finally decides to make use of her superhuman abilities and become the superhero she was also meant to be, after she left Krypton and lived life on earth as a normal human being with her adoptive family, the Danvers.