How to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

5 Ways to protect your eyes this summer – sunglasses

• Use bright defensive wraparound shades that assimilate no less than 99 percent of UVA and UVB light. This will keep away headaches and additionally long haul eye infections like waterfalls.

• If you’re going into the pool for a swim, verify you wear swimming goggles to abstain from getting conjunctivitis.

• Do not rub your eyes with unclean hands, particularly in the event that you are outside and out in the open spots, or on the off chance that you are sweaty. You could acquaint contaminations or allergens with your eyes.

• Do not sprinkle water inside your eyes. This washes the tear film, which is a defensive layer. Wash your eyes just if outside particles like dust enter them.

• Always wash your hands and face once you achieve home to keep clean and grime from entering your eyes and bringing on eye hypersens