How to Enable Two-step Verification on WhatsApp

After the arrival of video calling for WhatsApp in the previous update, the most recent one brings some additional security. Removing a page from Google’s book, there is an approach to empower two-stage verification on WhatsApp. WhatsApp users can now set two-stage verification on the mobile number for extra security. Alongside the most recent WhatsApp v2.16.345 upgrade, you can likewise play audio messages in background. The previous being a basic security highlight, sound play alternative conveys much plausibility to the user interaction.

This brisk instructional exercise discloses how to enable two-stage verification on your WhatsApp number. One of the significant advantages of adding 2-stage verification to WhatsApp is that nobody can enroll your WhatsApp number to another device without a secret word.

Enable Two-step Verification on WhatsApp

  • Once you have installed the supported version of WhatsApp Beta installed in your device move over to the app for setting up the two step verification. From the three dot menu icon, move over to Settings->Account, and you will be able to see the Two-step verification option.


  • Now click on “Enable” Button which will be on your screen as shown in screen shot provided above.
  • On Next screen, It will ask you to provide a 6 digit PIN and email address. This PIN is required for each time you try to register your phone number with WhatsApp.


  • Once you have entered the asked details you have to press “Next” after which the two-step verification process will be completed. You will then be able to view a notification message as shown below, which will you about the confirmation that two-step verification for WhatsApp has been enabled on your device.


Now you can RELAX yourself as you  have successfully enabled extra security to your WhatsApp account by adding two-step verification factor. No one will be able to activate your WhatsApp with the same phone number you use unless they have the secret PIN Code or access to the email account you used in this two step verification to reset it.