7 Things Man Tends To Notice In Women

7 Tips To Attract Man –


You often think that what is lacking in you, which makes him not to love you. So the question is swirling in your mind what the men tend to notice in women, what are the things that attracts man? No easy task for men to understand women, so it is difficult for women to understand men. Men more often notice many different things every time they meet a woman. We are going to tell you similar things here today….
Profess –
Women used to show off too much which is noticed by man, weather it is linked to status or personality. Many times women uses wig, eyelash, fake nails and try to impress men, but believe me men do notice these things and do not like this type of show off. They Like Simple and Sober look over fake and unnatural look. Instead of being the wax doll Try to be natural.
Clothing style –
No surprise, but most of the men tend to notice women’s dressing style. Recent survey showed that a man admires women who wear classy clothes because your style tells a lot about you. Wearing high heels, Watch carrying style all these things that define the personality of women. It’s wrong to think that Men have nothing to do with fashion. They are aware of everything and keep it in mind and tend to notice all those in a women.
Your smile –
Women’s smile is enough to attract any man. Men tend to notice it first, because smile shows the positive feeling of women. This series of things that can be started soon. The woman’s smile also makes Man feel Confident.

In many studies it has been seen that cute little smile, reflects your inner Positivity. When a man meets a woman for the first time, he tends to notice her smile. So your smile can make many people go crazy. But fake smile is enough to spoil all the work so bring a natural smile and smile heartily.
Eyes –
The other thing to be noticed in women by man, is their eyes. It is said that the eyes speaks the language of heart, which can tell a lot about any one. It is very easy to catch truth and false by your eyes. Therefore eye attraction is considered as the most effective attraction which can make anyone unknown go crazy. According to a survey, about 70 per cent male loves to stare women’s eye. Therefor many man treys to find a path to women heart by praising their eyes.
Hair –
Perfect, long and thick hair of women looks pretty good to man. To sit for hours in the parlour and styling your hair is not waste of time. Man is attracted easier with hair style of a woman. Man thinks Hair tells a lot about your personality. At the same time it is also important to know that Light fragrance from your hair does a big job. they are also attracted by the hair colour. So be Confident about hair styling, colouring, but equally aware of the fact that style you are applying does suit your face.
Leg –
Its not a matter to get stunned. Most women are aware of the fact that men likes their thin and long legs. By skirts and shorts in the summer women can very easily attract man with their beautiful legs. But if you don’t have long legs, they do not need to take tension. You take good care of your feet to attract men. Pedicure, moisturizing cream is the best treatment.
Skin –
Interesting and even a little shocking. But men love women’s skin shade, wedge-acne-free face because it shows them you to be healthy. Boys are mad about healthy and soft skin. Drink plenty of water and apply moisturizing lotion before going to bed. It is also important to take a 6-8 hour of tight sleep.