House of the Ghost at Gata Loopes at Leh National Highway

House of the Ghost at Leh National Highway

The lush green valley of Himachal Pradesh is not just known for their rich beauty; but, is also known for dangerous twists and turns. Something unusual has been the attractive point at Manali-Leh National Highway. It is said to have a special place that houses a ghost there. As per the legendary story goes by, a young boy died here because of hunger and thirst.


He was accompanied by two of his friends, who returned to the nearby village for help as they got stuck in the bad weather at this place. Since, friends of the boy were not able to return back because of road blockage, the boy died there.


The locals of the village believe that, whosoever passes that area is required to give mineral water bottle and a pack of cigarette at that place as homage. Initially,


the passerby used to see the ghost troubling them. So, they built a small house for that ghost and started offering mineral water bottle and cigarette pack. Apart from this, Gata Loopes is also considered as the most dangerous road in the world because of 21 twisted turns at 180 degree each, which will enable any driver to pass on cautiously.


Indeed, scary in the late evening; people really hesitate to pass away from this. In fact, the place has become famous as the “House of the Ghost” , which is quite intriguing for the travelers visiting Himachal Pradesh.