House of Bill Gates Constructed in 7 Years

House of Bill Gates

Luxuries have their own meaning when it comes to the house of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world. With a property valuing more than 85 Arab Dollars, his home called Xanadu 2.0 is the finest example of richness unleashed. Having 7 luxury bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and 6 kitchens spread in the area of 66,000 square feet is laced with latest technology. Located in Washington, this exotic home also has 3 garages with a capacity of parking around 30 cars. And not to forget the library, which is decorated beautifully with world class books. It spreads in the area of 2100 square feet.


In constructing this ultra luxury home, special place has been given to sources of entertainment too. The Xanadu 2.0 houses a private gym, a movie theatre and swimming pool as a part of recreational facilities. What adds beauty to this mansion is its location on the Eastern End of a lake in Washington. Being voted as the richest man, Bill Gates has this luxurious home standing tall at a height of 63 feet with a width of 93 feet. In making this home, it took more than 7 years to sprinkle exceptional luxury in every corner.


Beauty with brilliance and luxury at its best are the right phrases to explain the exquisite splendor visible in the mansion of Bill Gates.