Hotel Room With No Walls Or Roof

Hotel Room With No Walls Or Roof

Keep in mind that one companion who dependably got excessively inebriated in school and went out outside on more than one occasion?

We’d like to think this one-room outside lodging is inexactly motivated by their evenings on the yard.


Null Stern Hotel is a Single bed settled 6,463 feet above ocean level in the Swiss Alps, in the town of Graubünden. The room comes furnished with lights and end tables, in addition to an all encompassing perspective of Switzerland’s starry sky.


For $250 a night, you don’t get a lodging bar or a private restroom, however you do get your very own head servant who gets you breakfast bed, on solicitation, which is 100x better.


There’s presently a holding up rundown into 2017, so perhaps haul an inflatable cushion out to the terrace and practice for your excursion until then.

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