Top 5 Hottest Businesswomen In India

Hottest Businesswomen Of India -

Women these days have attained to a lot. They have broken their cliché image of housewives. Ladies are dealing with their homes, as well as business. History has proven time and again that ladies are the best homemakers, caring moms, wonderful wives and astonishing bosses.

Here we have recorded 5 most blazing and hottest businesswomen in India, who not just lead probably the most fruitful business firms, additionally are the most stylist.

01. Ayesha Thapar

Ayesha Thapar (2)

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She is the beneficiary to “Indian City Properties Ltd” (ICPT), the land arm of KCT group. She holds the post of Joint Managing Director in ICPT. She is graduated in Economics on from Wellesly College, Boston with a significant in mathematics furthermore holds a minor degree in painting. Situated in Delhi, she additionally has a NGO named Nimaya that store ladies ambitious person. She is the executive of Integrated Realty Private Ltd and the Water base Limited. She additionally owns an jewelry line in her name.

02. Kalyani Chawla

Kalyani Chawla (1)

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Kalyani Saha Chawla, is the substance of Christian Dior Couture in India. She is the Vice President of the Dior. leading one of the best worldwide brands, she is a genuine Fashionista in every sense.

03. Gayatri Reddy

Gayatri Reddy (1)

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She is the cherished daughter of T. Venkattaram Reddy, the holder of Deccan Chronicles. Gayatri has a slant towards composing, travel and games. She additionally has a curved towards design and foods. She was the proprietor of the IPL group, Deccan Chargers.

04. Sonia Garware

Sonia Garware (1)

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The surname “Garware” justifies itself. She is the Joint MD of Garware Polyesters, an extremely settled organization. She is completely up-to-date and is a known name in social circuit. She is a genuine diva and has an astonishing dressing sense.

05. Ramona Narang Rodella

Ramona Narang Rodella (2)

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With Italian spouse and mother of twins, Ramona Narang Rodella has propelled an attire line Bella, that is named after her little girl. She panders to numerous huge names in Bollywood. She has various quills in her cap and has and each influence with most extreme earnestness.


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Top 5 Hottest Businesswomen In India

Hottest Businesswomen Of India -

Women these days have attained to a lot. They have broken...

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