Newly Invented, High Tech Helmet to Hear Thoughts

High Tech Helmet to Hear Thoughts –

Technology has become so advanced that developments through it happens to attract many. Such is a wondrous thing, which is developed by Este Norikatey. Being a British artist, he created a tremendous helmet that will allow the wearer to hear their thoughts. Simply wonderful for the capability, the artist has used Electro Encephalography. The best part of using this technology is that it happens to convert thoughts of the mind into requisite data. Further to this process, the electronic representation of the generated data takes place for proper understanding. As a part of technical brilliance, this helmet gives deep insight into what a person thinks.



As per the artist Este, this helmet happens to showcase those thoughts that a person is not able to present to others. Indeed, the source of inspiration for the development of this helmet is the meditation procedure undertaken in Buddhist religion. It will be really helpful in understanding onself and lead a better lifestyle. What has enabled this helmet to win the hearts and be a technical magic is that it has the ability to catch mind frequencies quickly. After all, technology is such a thing that can be the base of unusual developments. This is the reason that this helmet has been preferred by everyone, who happened to know themselves from deep within.