Heart Of Europe In Dubai, Where People Live Under Sea

Heart of Europe in Dubai –

The city of Dubai is world famous for high technology usage in terms of building houses that are exceptionally marvelous. Indeed, the artificial islands of this city are well known for luxury housing. Now, the “World Island” of Dubai is starting a project called “The Heart of Europe”. As per the project goes by, the construction of luxury villas under the sea will be carried out. In this concern, the main foundation floor will be under sea; while, the other floors will be above sea level. The housing project has initiated with the idea of making a three story building with all luxury facilities available.

An excellent thing about this project is that people living in the underwater floor will be able to view the beauty of underwater world from every room. Majestically beautiful, this project is undertaken by the biggest developer company of UAE named Clandestine. One of its own kind in the world, every flat in this building will be amounted to 9 crore and spread in the area of 1700sq km. What makes these flats exotic is that they will be surrounded by luxury hotel, open aquarium, water park and even a climate control area.


With so many high class facilities available in the “Heart of Europe”, it will be like a paradise constructed underwater. Certainly, the people will be able to reach this beautiful place through yacht, sea plane and helicopter. Also, the roads of this housing project will be such that people might enjoy the experience of rain as well as snowfall. Creating something unusual and spectacular, Dubai has managed to gain recognition for some of the most remarkable landmarks. Breathtaking not just from outside; rather magnetic from inside too, these houses will always be special for its owners.