Headache can be Cured without medicine by eating these 11 Foods

If you get headaches often and you do not want eat medicine every time, then by these measures you can get rid of the headache. So now instead of eating these bitter medicine you can be free from headaches by eating these foods. This will give your body the nutrition and keep you healthy too.

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Remove Headache Without Medicine –

1. Salad –
Could not sleep all night because of headache, looking uneasy, this can also cause lack of water. So salad can include in your diet which will not allow your body from dehydration.You can also include lettuce and spinach leaves in salad, especially because they are a good source of water and fiber. It will feel fresh after eating salad.
Water content in lettuce is a good deal, but it lacks Nutrients.

2. Cumin –
Cumin is found in almost every kitchen. During a headache, light on the pan to fry the cumin. After roasting smell the cumin after tying it in a handy. It can get a little relief in headache.

3. Apple –
If headache occurs frequently, then make habit of eating apples after brushing in the morning. Problem of your headache can be removed in some days.

4. Tea –
To get Instant relief from headache, drink herbal tea. You can also include leaves of basil, black pepper and ginger which will be an advantage.

5. Coffee –
In Case of much headache coffee is a good option. Caffeine reduces inflammation of blood vessels which gives you relief from headache soon. Coffee is also very beneficial for migraine patients.
Coffee eliminates Histamine from blood which is responsible relieving you from all type of allergy. This is due to the antioxidants present.
6. Banana –
In much headache, you can get benefit by eating 2 or 3 bananas. The amount of magnesium in banana helps the blood vessels to relax and maintains the amount of potassium which balances electrolytes. The hangover due to drinking at night. This is also due to dehydration, which also causes headaches. Should eat banana to cure it.

7. Brown Bread –
Brown Bread is very beneficial for People struggling with Migraine and headache. Carbohydrates are found in less quantity than white bread, Thus body gets enough energy. To Provide Body with nutrients the right amount of carbohydrates for the body is very important.
8. Potato –
Consumption of peeled potatoes relieves headache, due to the presence of potassium in good amount. Most of us do not intake the required amount of vitamins and proteins that is required by the body every day. Problem like hangover can also be cured with unpeeled potato.

9. Curd –
The content of calcium in the food is very good for the problem of headache. Thus the diet of calcium should be rich. Plenty of calcium in yogurt is like hidden treasure. Hangover can also be cured with the curd .

10. Almond –
Do you know the problem of headache can also be removed by eating a handful of almonds. Chemical serotonin is secreted by almond in the brain which provides relief to the headache. Presence of magnesium relaxes the muscles and blood vessels. Almond is also very effective in Headaches caused by tension.

11. Cucumber –
Drinking 6-8 glass of water throughout the day to avoid the problem of headache, but not good enough for everyone to drink 6-8 glass of water. Thus eating Juicy fruits such as in cucumber, watermelon can substantially reduce the likelihood of headache. Drink the juice is also very beneficial as well. It contains all the elements necessary for the body.