He likes it long, Be his Rapunzel! Its summer, 5 ways to take care of long hair!

How to take care of long hairs –

It always feels great to impress your guy with his choice of food,cloth and no make-up look. This summer grow your hair long as he likes, without those tedious spa schedule. We bring you the easy 6 steps to long and beautiful hair.


1. Combing and Care: Summer has its perk, hair grows long but then dull hair comes along. Essential need for hair is combing. Always use a wide-tooth comb(try to get a wooden base comb preferable). Before buying check the comb is soft at ends instead of pointed teeth. Always start combing from ends in the downward direction. Never comb wet hair as its week when wet, can cause hair breakage. If hair is entangled finger your hair and comb only when its dry. wide-tooth-comb-for-your-hair2. Shampoo and Sensitivity: The basic care always begins with cleanliness and that we assume to be hair wash and shampooing. Take a break and look at your hair. Does it really need a hair wash everyday! You have dry frizzy hair and some have oily sticky hair which is not the cause of dirt. The scalp produces sebum, an oily substance which maintains hair moisture. Some of us have sebum more than required causing oily hair and some in less amount reflecting dry frizzy hair. It is always important to choose the right shampoo according to hair. Daily hair wash is not harmful unless a mild shampoo is preferred. wash-hair-1208113. Oil Treatment: Oiling always reminds of grand mom’s magic champi with those short stories. Oil acts as a hair nutrition,stimulates blood flow. Oiling acts as stress relief, revives damaged hair in easy and non expensive steps. You can choose oil according to availability and choice. Once in a week oil your hair an hour before shampoo or try to oil at night and shampoo the next day. For best results use lukewarm oil.

The few best oils for hair are-

  • Avocado: Helps retain moisture inside the cuticles.
  • Olive: Rich in vitamin E, it promotes scalp health and growth.
  • Coconut: Prevents split ends and strengthens hair shaft.
  • Jojoba:Reduces dandruff and repairs heat damage.
  • Argon:Restores smoothness and prevents hair loss.
  • Castor:Thickens the thin hair and locks moisture.


4. Styling Caution:Blow dryers can take away natural shine and moisture of your hair. Use a dryer only if you have wet hair and you have plan to go out within half an hour. In rest of the situation squeeze out excess water and blot the wet hair using towel.
During blow dry the scalp pores open wide allowing dirt and pollution to weaken the hair roots which ultimately leads to hair-fall.
Always use natural styling products for hair with more protein and oil ingredients. Less use of such products is preferable as it also contains harsh chemical.



5. Diet and drinks: A protein and calcium rich diet can reflect a healthy hair and nails. It is always preferred to take precautions before care so better eat the right food now to avoid hair loss and expenses on hair treatment.

Drinking water is always considered best practice for good health and assurance for good hair too.

Most of you might not be knowing that a lil alcohol to hair is good for shine n sleekness. A beer wash with less alcohol percentage can give you beautiful glossy hair. After hair wash and conditioning mix a cup of beer with water and wash hair with it. leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with running water.

Most of us don’t understand our hair well. Take time to care for those long beautiful hair, he likes it after all.