How to get rid of sweating this summer

How to get rid of sweating this summer –

Problem Of Sweating during summer season is very common. Sweating moderately is fine, but some people sweat too much and they are worried about this too much. After some time the stench of sweat, not only from the body, but also leads from hair. People uses many types of prevention, like deodorants, perfumes to prevent the stench of sweat for a while, but the problem remains in persists. Don’t Worry fellas, We are here to tell you some easy ways which can help you to overcome by the sweat problem.


Why do sweat –

In the summer season, body temperature rises, which is harmful for health. To balance the temperature inside the skin sweat glands become active and starts sweating. Sweating is good thing, because it can protect us from the effects of body heat. Additionally, it also retain moisture. Along with sweat many harmful things caomes out which can effect is they remain inside our body. With daily functioning of too much sweat begins to complain of dehydration.

If you are effected by too much sweating from Hands, feet then this could lead to a major problem, as these may be primary or focal hyperhidrosis. It affects most people. But they would not know that this is a disease of some sort. Often eating more drugs can get the problem of sweating it is called the secondary hyperhidrosis. It Causes Sweating even on a low tempreature.

How to defend Sweat –

Is very difficult to stop sweating. But by following a few simple tips we can reduce excessive perspiration.

1. In summer, wear loose and cotton fabric, which dries the sweat easily.
2. Use anti-bacterial soap. Use it as often as often as you bath. Pour a few drops of the UD colon in the bath water which is beneficial.
3. fungal infection in the feet can be caused by perspiration. To avoid this, sprinkle some anti-fungal powder between the toes, after sprinkling Wear socks and shoes.
4. Some people leaves wearing socks during this season. This is not fair, the feet can hit by allergies.
5. If sweating someone sweat more at the feet then immersed your feet for 2 minute in the tub full of water with two tablespoons alum powder dissolved.
6. During this season its common to sweat from your arm pit. So for a few minutes before getting out put the ice cube to this part of the body is beneficial. It does not make much sweat.
7. Rolon and talcum powder is much better then Dio and spray, but avoid using it much, because they can damage the skin.
8. Always try to be happy, because many times too much perspiration is due to stress and anger.
9. To avoid the problem of sweat more use such lotions and sprays which is made from ammonia chloride, which can block pores of sweat glands.
10. Iontophoresis Treatment is a new technology in which a device in a tub filled with water charging is active on the positive and negative ions. Then for a while the hands and feet are dipped. The activity of sweat glands can be slowed down by this.

Other ways to overcome the problem of sweat –

Botox injection –
This Injection is used to get rid of sweat from armpit and face. With this injection sweat glands are blocked for some time and you can get comfortable in 4-5 months. Also get rid of the stench coming from the body. But take the advice of a doctor before using these type of injection.


Antiperspirant is used to get rid of excessive perspiration blocks the sweat glands to work. At the beginning 10-20 percent of aluminum chloride hexahydrate is used. These are used at night so that more could benefit.
Itching can occur after using Antiperspirant, as well as damage the cloths.

Drugs –

Well, more often due to the use of many drugs excessive perspiration occurs, but due to more perspiration, amounts of water in the body decreases. Which is not good for the body at all. To prevent this Glaicopirolet drug can be taken. These Antikolinerjik drug control sweat glands by blocking it.
But with much use drought mouth, dizziness and Urine diseases can be occurred.

ETS (endoscopic Thoracic Simpatektomi) –

Sweat is very helpful in controling body temperature, but when it becomes excessive it is resorted by such treatment. When other treatments do not affect then this should be used. This treatment is used when excessive sweat problem from Hands, feet and face occurs.