Five Footballers Who Died Due To Field Injuries

Five Footballers Who Died Due To Field Injuries

Football, when we heard this word what comes in our mind. 20 players running before the ball for goal and 2 goalkeeper save their goal post. It sounds interesting, but we very well know this game needs lot of stamina among the Footballer. Footballers are known to give their all on the field. We all know very well many times footballer have to suffer injuries on the field this is the common thing, but when any footballers’ injuries turn into deadly. That time is truly nightmare situation.
There have been many instances where footballers have dead due to their field injuries:

1. John Thomson


John Thomson was one of the finest goalkeepers. A terrible accident at Ibrox finished his career and his life also. In 1931, he was part of the legendary Scottish team that won 2-0 against England.

Thomson was injured within a few times on the football pitch, damaging his ribs, jaw and collar bone. He also lost his two teeth.
Thomson died as a result of an accidental collision with Rangers player Sam English during an Old Firm match at Ibrox. He still admired at Celtic Park for his contribution to the club.

2. Tommy Blackstock


Thomas Blackstock was a Scottish defender who played for both clubs in England and his native Scotland. He was born in Kirkcaldy and on 8 April 1907, he died on the field while playing for Manchester United against St Helens. He headed a ball, collapsed and then died. This is one of the most unusual deaths on a football field till date.

3. Hrvoje Ćustić


On 29 March 2008, the Croatian U21 international in a league game against HNK Cibalia in the Croatian first division. He suffered head injuries after hitting with a concrete wall which was about three metres from the off side, supporting the fence which separated the pitch from the stands.
Seconds earlier, Ćustić had tried to win a free ball with a differing player, but then both players struck and Ćustić was passed into the wall, hitting it with his head. The 25 year old was a victim of ragged infrastructure at the field.

4. Jumadi Abdi


PKT Bontang’s midfielder, Jumadi Abdi was an Indonesian football player. The midfielder had signified Indonesia at U-21 level and was rising through the ranks in Indonesian football. On 7 March 2009, he smash with Persela’s Deny Tarkas in a match between PKT and Persala in Mulawarman Stadium, and then he died after eight days.
The foul had damaged his stomach and intestine. To limit the damage he underwent a surgery, but it didn’t work and breathed his last on 15 March 2009.

5. Cristiano Júnior


Cristiano Junior was one of the finest foreign players to Indian football. He along with Baichung Bhutia playing for East Bengal in India. He then made his mega money move to Dempo but the move turned out to be unfortunate.
It was lack of medical negligence, more than the injury itself. According to current East Bengal and ex- Dempo Coach Armand Colaco, Junior could have been survived but it didn’t happen as there was a lack of good doctors.