Finally Whatsapp Calling Feature Rolled Out For Android Users

It looks like mobile messaging service WhatsApp has started rolling out the much awaited voice calling feature.

After rolling out the beta version to selected users, WhatsApp has finally released the voice-calling feature to all Android users. The latest version can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well as from the official WhatsApp website.


A few weeks ago, WhatsApp’s Call feature made a small appearance for a few users, but at the time almost no one was able to trigger it reliably and keep it activated. The company appears to have flipped a few switches in its servers and the function is confirmed to work for those running version 2.11.528 from the Play Store, or 2.11.531 from WhatsApp’s website (also uploaded to APKMirror).

This feature gets activated after users receive a call on whatsapp from someone who already has it. After the call, Whatsapp is activated immediately after the app is closed and reopened again.

Once activated, there will be a 3-tab layout on the whatsapp homescreen showing calls, chats and contacts. The calls tab shows incoming, outgoing and missed calls with precise timings.

Steps to get it on your phone in a ways.

First Way

1. Go to Google Play to download or update the free WhatsApp Messenger app.

2. Ask other WhatsApp user who has already activated the voice-calling feature to call you via WhatsApp.

Second Way

1. Go to Whatsapp Website and download whatapp.apk file . this is latest version of whatsapp that is available on whatsapp website.

2. After download just install it . After installation you need invitation from your friends.

This time around WhatsApp has decided to keep the invite-window open for longer duration. Unlike some weeks back when WhatsApp had kept the invite-window open only for a couple of hours but now it is fully released by whatsapp , now you guys can enjoy this feature ,

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