9 Lesser Known Facts About Facebook

Facts About Facebook –

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site in the world. If something is happening, it has to be on it. Well, while Facebook might help you connect, interact and keep in touch with your family and friends, there is more to it than the evident. Read on and find out about interesting facts about Facebook that are sure to blow your mind away.

1.Facebook Hackers are Rewarded


While hacking is considered a crime in almost all parts of the world, it is a different story if you hack Facebook. Facebook claims that it is almost hack proof, and therefore, for every loophole someone finds in it, they are rewarded handsomely. The minimum reward that one gets is that of $500.

2. Dead People’s Profiles on Facebook


While Facebook helps people connect, what happens to the people who have died during the course of time? They still remain on it of course! There are almost 30 million dead people’s profiles on this site.

3. Heavy Loss When Site is Down


We all know that whenever a site is down due to any reason, they incur losses. However, Facebook takes it to the next level. Since it is so heavily sponsored, it loses almost $25000 every time the website crashes.

4. The Addiction Disorder


Many absurd disorders have come to the fore throughout time. With its popularity, Facebook just adds to the list. There is an actual medical condition called Facebook Addiction Disorder! Do you have it?

5. Unfriending People is a Crime


It is obvious that one would only like to stay in touch with people whom they care about or consider themselves to be friends with. Hence, Facebook provides the ‘Unfriend’ option to its users. Clicking this, however, can prove to be fatal. There have been a large number of murders reported due to people unfriending someone.

6.Facebook is a Stalker


Websites often track their users’ movements on the internet to help them avail suitable content. Facebook surpasses all its competition in this by keeping a tab on people even after they have logged out of their account! Lack of privacy, most certainly!

7. The Smart Notification Icon


The notification globe icon that you so dearly see whenever online is infact more than that meets the eye. The globe icon changes according to the country in which you are!

8. Search Frenzy on Facebook


While Google might be the most popular search engine in the world, Facebook isn’t far behind. The number of searches per day on Facebook is over 1 billion! We wonder what people search for on it. Any guesses?

9. The Shocking Number of Updates


People on Facebook love to share their personal life with the world. Such is the craze to do so, that the average number of status updates in every 20 minutes is more than 18 lakhs. To add to it, more than 27 lakh pictures are shared in the same time!

Well, many of these facts are sure to come as a surprise to you. Well, Facebook is not exactly a simple socail media website that it seems  to be, right? Next time you log into it, do keep all of this in mind.