10 Mind-Blowing Cricket Facts

Sachin is worshiped as God, and cricket is the biggest religion in our country. Imagine a scenario in which I let you know that Sachin holds another questionable record separated from the umpteen records he as of now holds.

We have aggregated 10 such facts and measurements that won’t just take your breath away, however they will demonstrate to you an entire new image of the game.

1. Kapil Dev’s 175 not out, was the first century by an Indian in One Day Internationals.

Northamptonshire v Derbyshire

We all know Kapil Dev’s exploded when he came into bat at 17 runs for 5 wicket and scored massive 175* runs in the 1983 World Cup against Team Zimbabwe. In any case did you additionally realize that this century was the first by an Indian in One Day Internationals?

2. Hitesh Modi & Subhash Ranchhoddas Modi.

Hitesh Modi

Hitesh Modi & Subhash Ranchhoddas Modi are the main father – son duo to play/direct in a One Day Internationals Cricket Match as a batsman and an umpire separately. The father decreed his child out LBW!

3. Martin Guptill has two-toes.


Martin Guptill lost his 3 toes at the age of 14 when a fork-lift truck rolled over his foot. Kiwi legend Stephen Fleming went to him in the clinic and this just added to his steely take steps to play for New Zealand cricket team. He obscured all other batsmen at the as of late finished up World Cup when he scored an unbeaten double century.

4. Most amazing Bowling spell.

RG Nadkarni

RG Nadkarni have the amazing record for the most efficient and surprising knocking down some pins spells where he finished with the magical figures of 32 overs for 5 runs with 27 maidens overs. 21 of these were sequential!

5. Sachin is not the first person to score 200.


Yeap! A Time Before When Sachin cleared South Africa out with his double century in 50 Overs International Cricket Match – Australian cricketer Belinda Clarke had effectively scored the first double hundred of International cricket Match by hitting 229 runs against Denmark in Mumbai in year 1997.

6. Hashim Amla doesn’t embrace alcohol products.


Hashim Amla being the faithful Muslim, does not support the South African Team’s sponsor Castle Lager a beer brand. Hence, he doesn’t get match expenses with the exception of grant cash, similar to Man of the Match or Series. Admiration to the man!

7. Sri Lanka has just beaten Australia once in a Test match. Ever.


Belive it or not, this is DAMN true. Sri Lanka has beaten Australia once in their test cricketing history in 1999 at Kandy by 6 wickets.

8. MS Dhoni Never scored a hundred outside Asia.

England v India - ICC World Twenty20 2012: Group A

OMG! The man with a average of over 50 has not scored a single hundred outside Asia subcontinent. Surmise that clarifies the distinction between the 2011 and 2015 World Cup crusades?

9. Zimbabwe’s Brendan Taylor got paid US Dollars 250 for the whole 2015 World Cup competition.


To place that into viewpoint, all Australian cricketers got a normal of USD 5000 for every match at the World Cup tournament. Also, this splendid sportsman completed the competition as the most elevated run-gmaker before the knockout stages started.

10. Adam Gilchrist – Only Wicket, for a ball.

Australian Cricket Team Portrait Session

Adam, as he is affectionately called, has just ever thrown one ball in his whole profession of International Cricket + Domestic + IPL. He bowled without precedent for his last match at the IPL for Kings XI Punjab, where he got a wicket for that ball. What jubilant!