Eating egg is very beneficial, Benefits of eating eggs

People say that eating eggs in the summer is not good for the health, because of excess of heat present in it. Well, it totally depends on you that how much you eat. Excess of anything is not always good. Daily intake of one or two eggs is very good with healthy skin and hair. Forget the heat and have eggs every day for healthy and beautiful skin and health.

Benefits of eating eggs daily –


  1. Provides Energy –

There are so many proteins and nutrients present in the eggs which are very beneficial for our health. It persist energy in the body throughout the day. There are about 6.30 grams of protein in a egg out of which about 3.6 grams in white section and about 2.7 grams in the yellow section. It also contains all the amino acids required by our body. Protein helps in reparing damaged cell and helps in active brain.


  1. Manages the amount of iron –

Deficiency of iron is the major problem with most f the people these days. Which causes problems like fatigue, weakness, headache, etc? Iron along with oxygen keeps the immunity system work fine. Also helps in controlling the metabolism level. The highest concentration of iron is in the yellow part of the egg, which people do not like to eat as they think it is a fat treat. Every part of the egg is very important for our body.


  1. Fulfills the lack of nutrients –

All of the essential nutrients required by our body are found in egg. Egg consist vitamin A, E and B12, plus it also contains foliate in plentiful amount. So doctors also recommend eggs in the breakfast.


  1. Reduces Obesity –

Those who believe that the egg is courting obesity, it is very important for them to know that having 2 eggs in the morning in breakfast provides all the necessary nutrients to the body. Then if you like something light for lunch and dinner can be eaten. Additionally, overeating can be avoided.


  1. Keeps mind fit and healthy –

The nutrient choline, found in eggs is beneficial to the development of the brain. This keeps the brain active and makes your memory long-term. Pregnant women should eat plenty of eggs, particularly when, as it also helps in development of unborn child.


  1. Beneficial for eye sight –

Daily intake of eggs, spinach and broccoli keeps the problem of eyes away. Anti-Oxidants in eggs, lutein and Jijanthyn are absolutely essential to keep your eyes healthy. Cataracts, eye reddening, dryness and watering are some problems that can occur at any age person. They should avoid these problems by daily egg consumption.


  1. For healthy hair and nails –

The protein in eggs, vitamin D and Nutrients strengthens your hairs and also your nails. Presence of amino acids, sulfur and zinc, keeps body skin and hair healthy.


  1. For strong bones –

The major source of vitamin D is the egg. It absorbs calcium and builds strong bones. Milk, dairy products such as yogurt, as well as egg consumption deals with the aging problems like the osteoporosis and arthritis.