The Dollar Bills of Salty Dawg Saloon


Famous worldwide for a strange tradition, the Dollar Bills of Salty Dawg Saloon is more than 118 years old. What makes this place so unique is that every person or customer coming here leaves a special message on a dollar and sticks it to some place on the wall. This is the reason that Salty Dawg Saloon is quite known among tourists and residents likewise.



In fact, this strange place started way back in the year 1897 and has been an office of postal services, railway operations and even grocery store. With so many businesses held in this area, it became an instant hit because of this dollar tradition.


The custom of sticking the dollar with message on wall was started by a person, who did it for his friend. Thereby, it became a customary practice. Located in Homer town of Alaska city in United States of America, it is a perfect place for the tourists to see something strange that they have not seen before. Indeed, world is full of strange places and shops; Dollar Bills of Salty Dawg Saloon is one of them that has managed to gain recognition for its exclusivity.