11 Selfies Clicked Just Before Loosing To Death

Last Selfies, Clicked Just Before Loosing Their Lives –

Trust it or not, more than 95% of today’s young one’s are experiencing selfie-madness. We all need to snap selfies and post them on social networking sites. In any case, now and then this fever of selfies takes individuals to so unsafe circumstances that there’s no chance to get out to escape passing.


Observe this selfies and think about the deplorable stories of what took after next:-

Selfies Before Death

Selfie #1


This woman names Xenia Ignatyeva took this selfies on an extension which was 28 feet over the ground. Soon after tapping the selfie she lost her adjust and got shocked by the link she fell on.

Selfie #2


This 21 years of age lady from Mexico, Oscar Otero, passed on while bringing a selfie with his firearm (gun).

Selfie #3


Courtney Sanford took this selfie while listening to “Cheerful” by Pharrel Williams, and messaged it while driving. Before long her auto slammed into a truck and lost her life.

Selfie #4


The face behind this cover is of a popular artist from Puerto Rico, Jadiel, who passed on in a bike mischance. This selfie was taken only two or three minutes prior to the mishap.

Selfie #5


This is Mexican pop vocalist Jenni Rivera alongside her escort. Later this private plane smashed and all travelers succumbed to it.

Selfie #6


These two lady friends were going to an unhitched female gathering, and the selfie has been shot while driving. While clicking, they lost the offset and a mishap occurred, asserting existence of one young lady.

Selfie #7


Do you recall Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 that was shot down in July 2014, when it was flying over Ukraine? This is a selfie tackled the same flight by Gary Slok in which his mom is additionally showing up.

Selfie #8


A man in Spain was attempting to move to the highest point of a running train for selfie, and he was shocked while climbing.

Selfie #9


Here’s a Polish couple who attempted to take a selfie on a bluff amid their excursion visit in Portugal and tumbled off the precipice. The couple was accounted for to be dead later.

Selfie #10


These Iranian ladies attempted to snap a selfie in their auto while singing karaoke. Be that as it may, they slam into another auto and passed on.

Selfie #11


51 individuals, including 48 understudies and 3 resources of V.N.R. Vigana Jyothi organization of Engineering suffocated to death when the water stream in Beas River all of a sudden expanded.