‘Cymatics’ – A Scientific Visual Demonstration of Music

Nigel Stanford is a well renowned musician in the field of New Age and Ambient genres of music. This unique musician hails from the country of New Zealand. His popularity is not only credited to his music but also to his creative brain. Such is his creativity, that after watching a documentary on ‘Synesthesia’ (which is a disorder affecting the hearing and visualizing parts of the brain) he decided to do everything in his arsenal to visualize sound. He managed to do so by using the concept of Cymatics which the sceince of visualizing sound at different frequencies.

Stanford patiently acquired all the parts required to carry of this mind blowing experiment. His main idea was to make a video showcasing music through a corresponding visual devices. He studied thoroughly about Cymatics for quite a bit and then carefully decided how to go about his work.

While performing this freak experiment, Nigel had only two days time to complete filming. He still managed to do so with flying colours. Another fun fact about this is that, Stanford performed this experiment without any written music. He modulated the frequency and tone of instruments to achieve the required patterns. So, it was only after the video was ready, did he write the music! Intriguing, isn’t it?

Well, only when you see the video below will you exactly know what is being talked about. Once you witness this gorgeous relationship of science and music, you will know that the possibilities in this world are endless. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to believe what you see!