Chicago Is Worlds Most Complicated Networks Of Metro Train

Chicago Metro is the Most Complicated Track

Considered as the most complicated network of railway tracks, the Metro tracks in Chicago are globally famous as “L” transit system. There are many places in America, where metro tracks have been developed out of narrow passages and Chicago one is the most complicated among all.


The reason behind this is their placements at different places that are extremely narrow and do not provide ample space to cover the area.


While travelling, the tram driver has to slow down the train as it passes from these transit points. Indeed, the best part of Chicago’s metro tracks is that even small towns have been covered within the route.


The track of Chicago metro system has been laid within a distance of 300 km and covers 145 stations to make it easy for the travelers to commute between essential destination points. With 1356 railway cars running on the 8 lines of this commuting system, they happen to take more than 2250 rounds.


As far as the railway track is concerned, some of the lines are passing just above the moving traffic roads that make the entire sight look so fascinating.


What has added to the fame of this metro rail system is that it starts operating in the wee hours of morning and functions till late in the night, which makes it easy for the commuters to reach their destined places.