Chak De India Team Then And Now Pictures

Chak De India is a standout amongst the most adored patriotic film of all times. In what manner would anyone be able to overlook the ‘Sattar Minute wala Dialog’ from King Khan to invigorate and spur a team of young girls.

In any case, the best part of the motion picture was that it was not a regular Shahrukh Khan driven film attempting to offer Shahrukh’s appeal. Indeed, the saint of the film was the Women’s Hockey group and the female players. We as a whole became hopelessly enamored with these young ladies in a split second. Keep in mind the opposition between the lovely Chandigarh Girl and the Haryanvi Girl –

Here, we convey to you the photos of these female players and How they have grown up:

1. The Goalkeeper


Vidya Malvade who played the character of Vidya Sharma in the motion picture. She filled the role in a kick ass way.

2. The Belligerent Punjab Girl


Tanya Abrol filled the role of Balbir Kaur really well. She is looking beautiful in a late picture.

3. The Peacemaker


Shubhi Mehta who assumed the part of Gunjan Lakhani in the motion picture. She was in the counter – Kabir Khan motion picture. She can beat any Bollywood Heroine in looks.

4. The Villian


Shilpa Shukla Played the Villian in the motion picture by putting a crack in the group.

5. The Jharkhand Girl


Sandia Furtado assumed the part of safeguard – Nethra Reddy. Her jodi with otehr Jharkhand young lady made a considerable measure of comic scenes in the film. She was sans-cosmetics in the motion picture yet she looks similarly flawless with the cosmetics on.

6. The Beauty Queen


Sagarika Ghatge who assumed the part of Preeti Sabharwal in the motion picture looked dazzling and looks considerably more beautiful in the right side picture.

She has packed away a couple side parts in Bollywood post Chak De.

7. The Haryanvi Girl


Chitrashi Rawat assumed the part of Komal Chautala with a great deal of aplomb. By what means would we be able to overlook her exchanges from the motion picture, for example, “Meri Bhains ki Poochh Padega Kay”. She was the saint of the film and everyone adored her character.

Be that as it may, she doesn’t look too terrible with the cosmetics on too.

8. Arya Menon As Gul Iqbal


Doesn’t she look dazzling in both the pics.

9. Anaitha Nair As Aliya Bose


She was the third individual from insubordinate group.

Wouldn’t you say that these young ladies ought to have more acknowledgment from the blockbuster film. Everyone appears to have overlooked these young ladies.