10 Worst Celebrity Beard Fails

Celebrity Beard Fails –

So we’ve had the best, now it’s the ideal opportunity for the most noticeably worst. Also, trust me these are quite terrible so you must set yourself up for some scraggly looking celebs who ought to have known not…

1. Mel Gibson –


Whatever we can understand from this is Mel Gibson more likely than not been going for some sort of Guy Fawkes movie part. In any case, that is no motivation to acquire this enormity out open!

2. Shia LaBeouf –


Another performing artist known for running frantic with his technique acting, we can just assume that Shia LaBeouf was doing some trying different things with this ghastly whispy hair/whiskers combo.

3. Brad Pitt –


It truly is an extremely annoying thing; such a revolting old-man facial hair on such a wonderful face. What on earth would you say you were considering, Brad?

4. Andrew Garfield –


The universally adored friendly neighborhood Spiderman is scarcely unmistakable secured in shaggy chestnut hair. We expected better from you, Andrew, we truly did.

5. Joaquin Phoenix –


Despite the fact that it turned out later on that Joaquin developed this facial hair as fairly a social analysis for 2010 “mockumentary” I’m Still Here, it didn’t make a difference, he had still made the general population endure it for two entire years, which is reprehensible in the event that you ask me.

6. Matthew McConaughey –


The 2015 Oscars didn’t recognize what had hit them when Matthew McConaughey appeared resembling a common war trooper yet thank heavens his thick facial hair was only for a part.

7. John Travolta –


I mean… What on earth is it true that this is? John, you should not have troubled mate!

8. Ashton Kutcher –


There are numerous ways that we could pull separated and dissect every one of the things amiss with this search for Ashton Kutcher yet let us simply concentrate on the inconsistent, wiry-haired whiskers for a minute and thank the sky that he no more has it.

9. Keanu Reeves –


Listen Keanu, in case you’re going to grow a facial hair, simply develop it legitimately alright? We can’t stand the patches which appear to framework some sort of stay shape in favor of your face.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio –


Alright, we know we included Leo on our rundown of the best facial hair however we were clear about the certainty he was moving on the edge of whiskers reason. Also, shockingly he made it one stride too far in this photo. Sorry Leo, we just can’t deal.