What about having Celebrities Portraits as your hair style!

Barber Creating Amazing Portraits of Celebrities –


Exclusive haircutting is a part of fashion; but, a design that is really unusual has been the matter of attraction for many. Indeed, making portraits of famous celebrities on head by cutting hairs in a stylish manner is something unimaginable and many leave the onlooker stunned. One such barber by the name of Robb has managed to gain accolades for his designer haircuts. Living in the city of St. Antonio, he is quite well trained in drafting the portraits of various celebrities on head. It is a way of experimenting with hairstyles that may look really unique.

As a part of Barber Robb’s artistry, he has made a variety of portraits including Kim Kardashian, Bob Marley, Albert Einstein, Christenio Ronaldo, Jimmie Kimley and many others. On asking, he talks about undergoing rigorous training in creating these portraits. In order to do so, he had to learn a lot of faces and uses specialized hair clippers for cutting the hairs in portrait style. As a part of this process, he draws an outline for the portrait on hairs and starts cutting in different shapes. In fact, the popularity of Barber Robb has increased to such an extent that people from far off places in America comes to him for hair cutting.

Some more Arts By the artist –

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