But First….Lemme take a selfie!

When we grow up, we all get busy in our different lives. But, according to most of us time spent in school is the best time in human life. During this time, we experience emotions, physical development, friendships, relationships, and especially knowledge.


Happiness, sadness and other emotions, friendships, enmity or even love sick, we all can find in our school days. That’s why school life is the best and most precious time in human life. It is different from college life and adult life, very different indeed!  This is mainly because during this phase, we will develop many things like physical development, emotions, sentiments, relationships, and knowledge.

Because school life happens only once time in our lifetime, hence it is very precious. It marks a significant change in our whole life in every aspect. Firstly, the faster we grow physically, the more we develop mentally. It marks our developing time to become a teenager. Mostly, we are innocent and carefree. Materialistic is none of our concerns. We also have wild imagination, vast dreams and ambitions to chase. However, as we grow older we become more self centered and materialistic. We gradually tend to lose that magical innocence and get trapped the race of life.

Whenever we pass our school gates, see some young school students walking on the road in their uniforms, or a few such scenes around us, we can’t help but feel nostalgia every time such things happen. Irrespective of all the punishments and scolding we have had from our teachers, once we come back to our schools, the joy we feel is unparallel. We might be having lavish food ev eryday  once we achieve our desired ambitions or goals in our life, but the happiness in sharing our lunch box or having food from the school canteen is way too ahead of the former.

Believe it or not! This is the best thing which can every happen to us. So live it to the fullest when you are in it and later cherish those moments.

Admit it, we’ve all taken a “selfie”. And while we are being candid, let us go ahead and find out why most selfies are rubbish. The trend has become so mainstream that the Oxford Dictionary included the word selfie into its pages.

Here are some of the major 5 DONTS while taking a selfie:

  1. Selfie photo bombing – While slightly hilarious, selfie photo bombing can even be done in bad taste–like the guy who selfied himself with a man jumping off the London Bridge in the background.ssss
  2. Too much face – Try to maximize out the amount of yourself in the picture to around 35 percent. Don’t let your face cover  the entire image; let the background and subject share some of the spotlight, too!sed
  3. Wrong place, wrong time –  There’s an appropriate time and a place for everything. For instance, a funeral definitely isn’t the correct time or the place.
  4. Weird angles – Using a strange angle or a pose doesn’t always signifies creativity. Whenever taking a selfie, mostlyt, weird angles have negative effects on the image.ss
  5. Ignoring your audience – You must Remember, you’re not the only one looking at the camera. Avoid those mainstream selfies. Make sure your picture has something of interest that isn’t just you!ssssss