Bombay Velvet Movie Review, Complete Waste Of Time!!

Release Date: 15th May, 2015
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Writers: Vasan Bala, Anurag Kashyap
Stars: Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Karan Johar,
Satyadeep Misra, Kay Kay Menon, Vivaan Shah, Manish Chaudhary
Music: Amit Trivedi
Duration: 2 hours 31 minutes


Bombay Velvet Movie Plot: Set against the scenery of desire, insatiability, love, and jazz – “Bombay Velvet” is the tale of one conventional man who conflicts with all chances and fashions his predetermination to turn into a ‘Big Shot’. Jazz clubs, an enthusiastic affection story, a developing city and an amazing yearn for a decent life. Welcome to the City of Dreams. Welcome to “Bombay Velvet”.

Bombay Velvet Review:

In spite of a cleaned look and an amazing affected, Bombay Velvet neglects to awe the crowd! The film is more like a cleaned trimming that sparkles brilliant however doesn’t have any worth. The chemistry between the lead roles Ranbir and Anushka is new and sizzling! Anyhow, past its pageantry and jazz, there is literally nothing that the Bombay Velvet guarantees to offer!

In spite of a confounding plot, Ranbir Kapoor eclipses in his part! He is truly extraordinary and persuading as credulous hooligan. The genuineness in his work attracts you to him notwithstanding when he is not in his best self!

Anushka Sharma makes great endeavors in discovering a spot for herself in the film. She looks completely exquisite in the fantastic look. The lip-synchronizing for the songs have been done so superbly by her that you really overlook that she isn’t the artist. Regardless, in the wake of viewing her in NH10, this is not precisely what the gathering of people expects out of her.

The most astonishing execution in the film originates from another astounding executive who makes his acting introduction with this film! Karan Johar abandons us shocked with his super-noteworthy wanton streak that works superbly well for his negative part.

Among the supporting performing artists, just Satyadeep Mishra (as Balraj’s youth companion Chimman) has a dependable effect. While different gifts (Kay Menon, Manish Chaudhary, and Vivaan Shah) sufficiently legitimize their aptitudes in their constrained screen time.

What’s Good: The loftiness and brilliance of the visuals will navigate you to the brilliant golden period! Bombay Velvet is an in fact sound film that reproduces the enchantment of 1960s Bombay so impeccably that you can’t quit applauding the innovative heads. The foundation score and the music collection compliment the setup consummately. A respectable execution by all the performing artist indicates the film’s worth.

What’s Bad: Bombay Velvet loses itself on a befuddling plot that abandons you confused. While the story is too hackneyed to ever be viewed, the quick pace of the film adds to the wreckage. The film is route beneath standard for an executive like Anurag Kashyap. The span of the film is deplorably long.

Final Verdict: Do not waste your time and avoid watching “Bombay Velvet”!!

Bombay Velvet Rating: 2/5 Stars