10 Banned Movies In India By Censor Board

10 Banned Movies In India By Censor Board

Indian Censor Board is celebrated for banning a great deal of movies. Numerous movies are banned taking into account their sexually unequivocal substance, unrefined dialect, substance misuse, or on the off chance that they can possibly disturb the congruity of the general public. Here are a portion of the films and documentaries that were banned by the control leading group of our nation:

Bollywood Banned Movies –

#1. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love


All things considered, we are unquestionably not astounded that the censor board banned this film. The Censor Board termed it ‘express’, “deceptive” and ‘indecent’. India is the inception of Kama Sutra, that contention presumably did not run well with the powers. There were additionally some suggestive scenes portraying heterosexuality and homosexuality.

#2. Fire

Fire movie scenes

The hero pair are named as Sita and Radha. In any case, the turn here is the relationship that the two ladies offer. They are sisters in law, who in the long run begin to look all starry eyed at each other; the motion picture demonstrates a lesbian relationship. The depiction of that lesbian relationship is sufficiently solid for the blue pencil board to boycott the film; the names of the characters being what they are, were more motivation to boycott it.

#3. The Pink Mirror


Another motion picture that was banned on the premise of homosexuality. The Pink Mirror likewise depicted transsexuals and transgenders in the film. This was unmistakably a lot for the control board to process and it at last banned the motion picture.

#4. Kissa Kursi Ka


A political parody motion picture amid the rule of the fourth Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. The film was a parody on the Indira Gandhi government. It more likely than not been expected that it’ll get a heartfelt and great reaction. The supporters of the political party blazed and reallocated the film prints. At last, the film was banned.

#5. Garm Hawa


The film’s story spun around a Muslim family amid India – Pakistan parcel. The film was banned for eight months, as the blue pencil board expected that it may trigger collective mobs in the whole nation. Be that as it may, the executive was industrious and demonstrated it to various political gatherings, pioneers, government authorities and so forth.; it at long last got approval from the censor board.

#6. Aandhi


Another film roused by the governmental issues of the nation. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t take a sarcastic tone, yet it was banned amid Indira Gandhi’s rule. The film depends on the life of Indira Gandhi with her own life being one of the prime core interests. The motion picture was banned amid the Emergency of 1975, yet it was un-banned when the Janata party went to the lion’s share in 1977.

#7. Bandit Queen


Bandit Queen is a true to life motion picture in view of the life of an acclaimed dacoit, Phoolan Devi. This film was reprimanded by Phoolan Devi herself for not being true. Another explanation behind its boycott was that the film had some naked scenes in it.

#8. Paanch


This wrongdoing thriller film is coordinated by Anurag Kashyap. The purpose behind this film to be banned is that it celebrated sex, medications, brutality and to a great degree unrefined dialect. Indeed, even subsequent to consenting to the cuts recommended by the blue pencil board, the film was not discharged by any stretch of the imagination.

#9. Amu


Amu is a film taking into account the slaughter of a large number of Sikhs amid the death of Indira Gandhi. This film too was seen as a potential danger to the amicability of the nation and subsequently, was banned, regardless of taking after the blue pencil board’s proposal of cutting a few scenes.



Lesbian topic meeting with religion is on a par with obscenity for the censor board. This motion picture was banned in view of its substance and the depiction of Muslim fundamentalists.