Awesome Motorcycle Helmets Looks Like Shaved Human Heads

Granted wearing a cap when you’re on a bike is protected and all, yet its such a great amount of cooler to go uncovered headed. That is the reason this craftsman chose to ridicule up some cranial insurance that gives the best of both universes.

Jyo John-Mulloor is a Dubai-based craftsman who’s outlined some strangely cool cruiser protective caps


He calls the task HumanHelmet and its more than only a novel configuration thought, Mulloor is hoping to make a more agreeable protective cap for all bikers.

“All my life I have always been a passionate motorcyclist. I love everything about motorbiking but the helmets. The most uncomfortable gear you could ever wear.” Said Mulloor.


“Imagine a protective gear that’s so comfortable that you feel you never wore one.”

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The exposed human head forced on a customary protective cap configuration communicates Mulloor’s longing for better head-gear innovation.

“Project: HumanHelmet is an outcome of my extreme dislike to wearing a thick, clunky piece of metal that’s simply not as comfortable as wearing a bandanna, cap or nothing at all.”

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The outlines surely look cool in an irregular sort of way. Mulloor didn’t go inside and out concerning how he’s going to make the caps more agreeable, however at any rate on the off chance that you shake one of these awful young men people’ll believe you’re driving without fitting assurance so you can pile on gangsta focuses without jeopardizing yourself. Have a ton of fun shocking overeager cops who are not kidding about your security, however.