What Anushka Sharma had to say about The AIB Roast

Somehow or the other the AIB Roast fiasco fails to come to an end. Initially it was the movie makers and Bollywood in general who criticized the roast and called it as a misuse of freedom of speech. Then the head of Mumbai catholic church asked for an apology. Recently Aamir Khan was seen criticizing not only the show but Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor to be acting “violently”.


His PK co-star had another view point to it. On a promotional event for her upcoming movie “NH-10”, she was asked her view about the show. She called it all to be in good humor according to her. Being the butt of many jokes herself, she seemed to have taken it in the way it was intended to by the makers of the Roast. Her co-star for the movie Neil Bhoopalam joined in on the discussion and sided with Anushka.

Neil even added that, there are far more graver issues in India that need to be attended rather than going on and on about the roast. The promotion of the movie got subsided by the roast discussion as has been the trend in past few days.

Here is how the conversation went.