Android N to be called Android Nougat

Android N to be named Android Nougat –

Google today uncovered the final name of Android N, and it is not what you were anticipating that it should be. The official name of Android N will be Android Nougat. Not Nutella that numerous were anticipating that it should be called.

Android N nougat

Not at all like earlier years, Google surprisingly took client suggestions on what it ought to call the release of Android N that is relied upon to be released later in the late spring.

What is a Nougat?

What’s more, just in the event that you are unconscious of what a nougat is, it is a “family of confections made with sugar or honey.” It is accessible in three sorts, with the white nougat flavor being the most well known.

While Google did not uncover the last form of the OS, it is likely that Android Nougat will wind up being numbered 7.0 because of the monstrous measure of new features & changes it is conveying to the table.

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