AIB Tells You Real Truth Behind Honest Arranged Rishta Meeting Looks Like, With Their Hilarious Video

Before having shaadi ka laddoo which is additional sweet and awesome, you need to taste rishte ki soan papdi, which is essentially flaky and brittle. AIB’s new portray about Indian Rishta scene getting fiercely legitimate is simply splendid. Furthermore, it is so insane exact, you’ll lose your poo viewing this!

This humorous picture of MBA Pankaj and Nobody-Gives-A-Shit Poonam’s wedding spreads everything a run of the mill Indian masterminded marriage would experience, right from, ‘anxiety mubarak ho’ to ‘dadi cam’ to ‘exchange complete’.

Basically, if one somehow happened to depict this two-section arrangement in two words, its gotta be ‘Fiercely Honest’.

Support yourselves, things are going to get genuine!


 Here’s part 2 of this howlarious video!