A Boy With the memory of 5 minute, Short Term Memory Loss

Boy With Short Term Memory Loss In Taiwan –

The main protagonist in the Bollywood film Ghajini, Aamir Khan suffers from a strange disease called short term memory loss. In which the person suffering forgets everything in a very short period of time. But in real life did you ever heard of such man? If you have not heard, then we are here to tell you that a 25 year old boy ‘Chen Hongzhi’ From Sinchu province of Taiwan is suffering from a similar short-term memory loss disease.


Chen does not even remember what happened 5 minutes ago in his life and what he has to do at the moment. Chen writes everything in his dairy so that he can remembers everything. Is said that when Chen was 17 years old, he was hit on his head in a car accident, after which he got the disease. Chen did not remember anything in the beginning, but after treatment, he was able to remember things for about 5 to 10 minutes.


Chen said that I always hang with my notes and I write moment-to-moment activities in it. I keep my notes weather in the house or going out of the house. However, Chen’s 60-year-old mother Wang Miao-chiong, Said we have made certain practical system to make understanding between Us and keep chen going forward, that is great. But she does’t know what will happen after her death.

The incapacitating condition also implies that Chen can’t recollect how to write legitimately, so he makes his notes in a phonetic “scribbling” that for the most part just he gets it.


‘This is my record, I write in it every day, even if it is pouring down with rain or if I don’t go out to do the weeding I still l must write, “Heavy rain”,’ he said.

‘Whenever I get home from any time away I quickly grab my notebook and write down important things from the day – who I’ve met, what I’ve done, how much money I got from recycling bottles, all that sort of stuff.’

Consistently when Chen awakens, his mother Miao-chiong, must advise him that he is no more 17 and 8 years have passed.

She gives him the dairy so he can read what has passed in his life since the mischance and check important points of interest like what needs to be done that day and who his companions are.

Chen’s story has spread online in China after it was contrasted with that of the anecdotal character played by Aamir Khan in the Movie “Ghajini“.