9 Unusual Restaurants and Cafes Of India

9 Unusual Indian Restaurants and Cafes –

Attractive themes and unusual concepts have always clicked to the people and get accolades for their

distinctiveness. Indeed, India has numerous restaurants that have unimaginable themes, which enable


people keep coming to enjoy its exotic attitude.

1. Nature’s Toilet Café:

Sounds absurd! But, the reality is that this restaurant is based on toilet theme, where the chairs

are not made of wood; but of toilet seats. Situated in Ahmadabad, this café is also famous as the

“Toilet Garden” designed by the restaurant owner named Jayesh Patel.

2. 70mm Restaurant:

Constructed for the lovers of Indian Cinema, the restaurant in Hyderabad gives the feeling of

watching a movie. Indeed, the ceiling and walls of the restaurant are decorated with pictures of

well known actors and actresses for attraction.

3. Tihar Food Court:

Built within the premises of Delhi’s Tihar Jail complex, this restaurant is well known for its

unusual staff. The cooks, waiters and other members are known to be the prisoners of the jail.

4. Taste of Darkness:

The entire interior of this restaurant in Hyderabad is kept dark because it is special place for

blinds that allows them to feel the essence of food. For others also, the atmosphere is kept dark

to make them realize the lifestyle lived by blinds.

5. Hijack Café:

A mobile café run by Moistclay Media, the specialty of his café is that it is built inside a bus.

Along with lip smacking food, the travelers can enjoy a variety of sights in Ahmadabad.

6. Valley Lake Floating Restaurant:

Built in the village of Valley at Trivandrum, this exotic restaurant keeps floating with edges being

anchored. One can reach this restaurant through a bridge and enjoy South Indian delicacies.

7. Firangi Dhaba:

Known for its concept of using auto as furniture to enjoy sumptuous delights, this restaurant in

Mumbai is quite attractive.

8. Cross Café:

Initially known as Hitler’s Cross Café, this restaurant in Mumbai came across a lot of

controversies because of its name. Then, its owner changed the name to “Cross Café” and the

cross of Nazis is used as a part of mere decoration.

9. NASA Restaurant:

Designed as a spaceship with waiters wearing space suits, this exclusive restaurant in Bengaluru

is quite known for a distinctive architecture.