9 Things That All Sleepy-Heads Will Relate To

Sleep is one of the most important necessities for a good day and proper functioning of mind and body. While most people end up needing sleep because of their busy schedule, there are some who could literally take it up as a job.; So, for all those sleepy-heads out there, here are a few things that you will be easily able to relate to.

1. The Never Ending Love For Coffee


When you are an all time sleepy person, you really need something to keep you up. That’s where, coffee and anything else which can keep you awake ends up becoming your saviour.

2. The World is Your Bed


With the power of sleeping anytime comes the power of sleeping anywhere. Be it the desk of your office, the crowded lounges or even a busy railway platform, sleeping is never a difficulty. Crazy, isn’t it?

3. The Dilemma of Boring Lectures


As if feeling sleepy was not enough, boring lectures make sure you do. They are nothing but lullabies in disguise. The worst part is getting through them awake or being prepared for a visit to the Principal’s office!

4. You Appear to be Perpetually Bored


Even though you might simply be waiting for your favourite sleep time, the appearance that you give to the masses is that you are always bored. Little do they know that all that you are trying to do is stay awake!

5. A Best Friend Called Bed


While people maybe hanging out and posting pictures with tonnes of friends, you are more than happy to cuddle up and watch them on social media from your bed. After all, the bed is the only one who truly understands your feelings.

6. A Rebel of Loud Music


Loud music is your biggest enemy. This is not because it is loud, but it takes you away from your comfort zone, that is to say, feeling sleepy. Hearing even a little bit of it boils your blood and brings out the devil in you.

7. You Have The Best Time Pass in the World


Most people keep searching for their favourite hobby and ways to kill time. For you, however, this never is a problem. All you need is some space to crash and no one to disturb you in your perfect dream land.

8. Sleep Comes Easy


It is not a hidden fact that a lot of people struggle to sleep. Unsurprisingly, for a sleepy-head, this is one of the easiest tasks ever. It is almost as though closing one’s eyes is synonymous with sleep.

9. Sleepiness Leads to Weirdness


Such is your life, that despite all your extra sleeping and naps, when you are actually sleepy and don’t get to do so, it reveals a completely different personality. What follows is strange activities like excessive laughing, whining, stretching and yawning.

Thus, for all the sleep lovers out there, I am sure that you can easily relate to every single point above. Having been bestowed with such a precious ability, do remember to use it wisely always!