9 Reasons why Indian Railways Never Ceases to Amaze

Indian Railways Amazing Facts –

One of the biggest lifelines in terms of transport means for India is the railway network of the Indian Railways. It happens to be the largest in the world covering a stunning distace of 1,15,000 kilometers. While you might know most of the things about Indian Railways, there are some aspects of it that will take you for a ride. Don’t know what I am talking about? Well, here are some crazy unknown facts about the Indian Railways.

1. Toilet-less Trains


It would come as a major shock to know that Indian Railways trains did not have toilets for over 50 years. Passengers had to wait for an entire journey to relieve themselves. Had it not been for this letter by a gentleman named Okhil Chandra Sen, who requested the authorities for toilets in a rather unique letter, only god knows how much more we would have had to wait.

2. Indian Origin of Railroads


Conflicting with the common belief that Britishers built the very first railroads in Inida, comes this astonishing fact. It would surprise you to know that the makers of the first railroads were two Indians named Jaganath Shunkerseth and Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy.

3. A Station within a Commercial Park


The Vashi Railway station in Navi Mumbai is the one and only railway station to be built inside a commercial park. This commercial park happens to be none other than the International Infotech Park. It even has an ISO 9002 Standards! Very crazy, isn’t it?

4. Lower Voltage, Lesser Stealing


When the stealing of equipment from trains became a problem, the Indian Railways authorities very smartly reduced the voltage to 110V from 230V. Consequently, people who stole the equipment couldn’t use it as they would have to reduce the current supply in their respective places.

5. The Highest Railway Bridge


The world record for the highest railway bridge in the world is held by the Indiann Railways. It is for a bridge built over the river Chenab. This indeed is quite astonishing.

6. Ticket Booking with Cash on Delivery


Well, if you thought that Indian Railways going modern is a thing left to imagination, think again. If you are booking a ticket on IRCTC, you have the option of tickets being delivered to you. This is valid for all bookings made five days before the date of travelling. The extra charges for this are also pretty nominal with AC tickets costing 60 rupees and sleeper class tickets 40 rupees.

7. Ever Increasing Number of Bookings


The number of bookings for travel on Indian Railways increases by nearly 20% every year. Also, the number of passengers are rising at a phenomenal rate of 38% per year. Last year, the number of total bookings per day was a whooping 4.63 lakhs.

8. The World’s Longest Railway Station


Gorakhpur station, in Uttar Pradesh, holds the record of being the largest in the world. Its total length is a mind boggling 1.37 kilometers!

9. The World’s Largest Interlocking System


The ever buzzing New Delhi Station boasts of having the largest interlocking system in the world. This was even recognized by the Guinness Book of world Records.
Weren’t most of these facts a real shocker? Well, it seems that, despite the ‘ not so great’ image, Indian Railways clearly sets the standard and stands miles above the other railway networks of the world.