9 Problems Of A Person Who Doesn’t Like Tea Or Coffee

Tea and coffee are one of the most preferred and widely served drinks in the world. Not only do they taste good, they also are a great source of bonding with people or getting through long meetings. However, there are many people out there, who just can’t accept the idea of sipping on these wonderful drinks. Imagine the plight that they must be going through on a daily basis. Below is a list of the common difficulties by a person who does not like tea or coffee.

1. The Unwanted Gift of Coffee Mugs


Very often, gifting coffee mugs is a good way to avoid stressing yourself on the idea of what to give. However, for a person who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, receiving such gifts is the pinnacle of misery.

2. The Shocking Reactions from People


In most cases, whenever such a person visits someone at their home or office, the first question that is thrown their way is “Tea or coffee?”. And when the reply is a subtle ‘NO’ or a big ‘HAWW’, what follows is a painful experience of sorts. Be it the looks or the comments, the feeling is like one is an alien.

3. Coffee Shops Aren’t a Hangout Spot


Coffee shops are a place of choice for most people. People indulging in meetings, dates or just casual outings find these places perfect to chill out at. However, if you aren’t a coffee drinker, God save you from this hell!

4. Entertaining the Guests


For such people, one of the biggest difficulties is handling guests at home. If you don’t drink tea/coffee, how do you serve them the same? During this time of helplessness, be sure of one thing that another round of embarrassment is sure to follow.

5. The Dilemma of Coffee and Tea Breaks


In offices and formal places, the idea of tea and coffee breaks is very widely renowned. However, the folks who don’t drink either end up as the prime targets of mockery in this perspective, because for them it is water and bathroom breaks instead.

6. No Room for Change


On a random day, if somehow such a person is hit with the urge of drinking these drinks, it sets all the heads rolling. People even end up asking about your health to make sure you are still normal! Isn’t their room for change at all? Sigh!

7. Skipping the Tea/ Coffee Sessions


Imagine if you are in this category, and you find yourself in a family gathering or formal meeting. Oh the pain of sitting through tea or coffee sessions or having to ask politely if they could be skipped.

8. It’s All About the Money


Such is the mentality of people, that they end up thinking non drinkers do so to save some money! Don’t they know that there are a million better ways to do so?

9. The Rusk Problem


Who doesn’t love rusks with tea/coffee? Ofcourse everyone does, including tea and coffee haters! However, the problem that they face here is what to do with the tea or coffee that remains in the cup after the rusk is over. They end up having to flaunt their puppy eyes to someone who can finish it for them!

Hence, I am sure that a lot of people can relate to this. Such are the difficulties, that the easiest way to avoid them is to become a tea/coffee lover. Still, if you can’t come to terms with that, it is time to become a rebel of sorts during such matters. The choice is yours!


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9 Problems Of A Person Who Doesn’t Like Tea Or Coffee
Tea and coffee are one of the most preferred and widely served drinks in the world. Not only do they...

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