8 Things That You Witness When You Have An Awesome Dad

We all love our fathers. They are somebody whom we always look up to and someone who will always be our real-life superhero.  So, if you feel your dad is the ‘awesomest’ dad in the world, I am sure you will relate to the points below.

1. He Remembers Your Friends Circle


It is a great thing in itself when your dad is cool with the people you hang out with, but when he remembers the name of your friends, it is actually the next level. Imagine how happy your friends must feel too!

2. The One Who Keeps it Light


We all know that serious situations bring out the worst in our parents. However, having a cool dad is a completely new experience. Not only are there lesser such moments, even the times when there are, you can expect a humour filled joke coming any minute. How cool is that?

3. The Best Cook in the World


Everybody craves for their mother’s food on most occasions. Well, if you have a chef-like father, it makes it something beyond comparison. Whenever you want to have something delicious and mouth watering, all you need to do is tell your dad!

4. You Can Tell him Everything


Sharing everything in your life with your parents is a big deal. You often do not know how they will react. In such cases, having a father who understands all your points and thoughts is a blessing. Be it the fights in school or your love life, there is nothing that you need to hide.

5. He Wants You to Socialize More


It is very well known that most fathers have an objection towards socializing with your friends or peers. Things are different when you have an awesome dad. With him by your side, not only will he encourage you to go out more, he will also be willing to make arrangements if needed. Woah!

6. He has an Amazing Taste in Movies, Music and Books


Conflicting interests in the world of entertainment is quite common between parents and siblings. However, if your dad has matching taste in movies, books and music, there is definitely no fault in your stars!

7. He is a Practical Man


For parents, especially fathers, it is sometimes very difficult to adjust to the changing times on all fronts. This is something, anyone with a cool father need not worry about though. Not only will he accept the changing scenarios, he will also do his best to adapt to them.

8. A Hopeless Romantic


More often than not, parents shy away from showing their love to each other in front of children. But, if you have a cool dad, be ready to witness some embarrassment. He will not leave a single opportunity to tell your mother how much he loves her. Sweet, isn’t it?

Thus, I am sure that emotions will be running high inside you after reading this. So go on, tell your dad how much he means to you.