8 Things All Password Forgetters Will Relate To

8 Things All Password Forgetters Will Relate To

Passwords are one of the most important thing in this age of technology. Almost everything online requires you to make your own account. While the virtual world makes everything more convenient, it is not exactly a walk in the park. Don’t know what I am talking about? Well, I am referring to all those times when you cannot seem to recall your password at all. The feeling in these times is equivalent to Earth’s doomsday. On that note, below is a list of few things that all password forgetters will relate to.

1.One Password to Protect Them All


Well, it is very obvious that most people who cannot remember passwords will have a single password for everything. Even this password will not be any groundbreaking Einstein like equation. However, you still can’t guarantee that you will remember this one.

2. The Same Security Question and Answer


Since forgetting passwords is almost a hobby, knowing the process how to get around it is a mandate. Most sites require a security question to be answered. Hence, it is no surprise that you will have the same security question and answer everywhere!

 3. Scribbled Passwords Everywhere


As the brain is too occupied remembering everything except passwords, writing them down is a good idea. However, password forgetters take it to the next level by scribbling them anywhere possible like laptop covers, desktop tables and so on.

4. Changing Passwords is the Biggest Nightmare


Imagine the plight you go through when someone finds out your password. Rather than being worried about what they could do with it, all you worry about is having to set a new one. All your efforts to remember the previous one are down the drain. Sigh!

5. An Ever Ready Backup email id


Retrieving an account after losing your password requires an email id. Hence, as expected, you have a dedicated email account for this very purpose. The shocking part? You always remember the password of your email id.

6. Logging Out of Accounts is for the Weak


All websites requiring an account come with the option of staying logged in. While many people do not prefer doing so, password forgetters are first to jump at the opportunity. This way, a great sense of calm takes over as remembering the impossible ‘thing’  is not a necessity.

7. A New Phone is Not Good News


While almost everyone would jump up and dance when they get a new phone or laptop, password forgetters almost end up crying. This is because of the fact that they will have to remember the passwords to all their accounts, especially on social media.

8. A New Account is the Best Option


When things are not going your way, it is easy to get fed up. That is exactly what happens when you forget your password. In that case, opening a new account seems the best and most hassle-free thing to do.

Thus, all of these points showcase the difficulties a person who cannot remember passwords goes through. So, for all such people out there, you really need to start remembering it or face the wrath for a lifetime! The choice is yours.


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8 Things All Password Forgetters Will Relate To

8 Things All Password Forgetters Will Relate To

Passwords are one of the most important thing...

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