8 Stupid Things Indian People Can’t Live Without

India is always moving towards advancements in every aspect. The people, however, seem the only one hampering this process. Not only is their lifestyle at fault, some of their acts and thoughts are too. The worst part is that this passes on over the generations, thus proving fatal. We Indians, ourselves create the barriers and rifts to put us in the wrong spotlight! On that note, here are a few things that Indian people are literally obsessed with.

1. Who is the Fairest of Them All


Irrespective of what color an individual might be, Indians take a great deal of fancy towards the fairer people. The most evident example is Indian parents, who are looking to find a bride or groom for their son/daughter.

2. Marriage – The Most Important Thing in Life


Apart from coming into this world and dying after, the most important thing throughout life seems to be getting married for these people! Somebody needs to tell them that there is so much more to witness and enjoy!

3. Blindly Following a Political Party


Politics is a very big thing in India. Hence, it is no wonder that every Indian follows a particular party. What is sad is that this following is not because of righteousness, but mostly driven by peer influence, caste or religion.

4. Superstition Governs Everyone


India is the home of superstitions. Since time immemorial, superstitions have been said to be responsible for everything that transpires in one’s life. Irrespective of the changing times, this thing seems like it is here to stay. especially in the lesser developed areas.

5. Religion is What Matters Most


No matter where you come from, what matters most is your religion. Such is the extremity of this that many religions forbid their people from befriending people of other religions. Isn’t this absolutely atrocious and stupid?

6. Keeping Shut About Your Sexuality


In India, it is very difficult for a man and a woman to have an open relationship without being pried upon. Imagine the plight of people who do not have their sexuality aligned with the society’s thoughts! The worst place for a Gay, Lesbian or Transsexual is India, where they are literally treated as untouchables.

7. An Engineer or a Doctor


For most Indians, there are only two professions worthy of being acknowledged – Engineers and Doctors. If you are studying anything apart from this like Commerce, Arts or Language, you are seen as an under average student, even if you might be an All India Topper.

8. Blaming the Higher Authorities


Whenever something goes wrong anywhere, the blame has to be laid on the system. Be it the dirty roads (which are due to the consistent litter-throwing by people), the corrupted workers or lack of desired facilities, the system is at fault. Isn’t the system by us, ourselves?

There you have it. These are just a few of the never-ending list of things Indians just can’t seem to move away from. It might come off as rude, but it is the bitter truth. So, starting today, try changing these stupid obsessions and do your bit to help India move in the right direction.