8 signs that your lifestyle is killing you!

1. No physical activities on regular basis, Exercise for wellness….

Look for something to do physically, that you like to. It doesn’t matter what it is.May be going to GYM, doing YOGA, or just a morning walk can make you refresh for whole day!!

1.2. Are you tired all the time??

If your answer is yes, then it means you aren’t sleeping enough.We know this is normal for most people. It’s also killing you .So, get enough sleep!!


 3. Fed up of your daily robotic life??

It’s really tough with dreading going somewhere…every day. Forever! Because you don’t have choice. Try to change that.Look for the activities that refreshes your mind. Give time to your hobbies.Find out some time with your besties!!


3.4. Look Up!

Hundreds of friends on social networking sites but still lonely?? Or if you are too busy replying to messages on your phone that you don’t have time replying people around you?? …or if your laptops always open but your doors always closed then its time to look up!! Look around and feel the voracious life waiting for you.

4.5. Is Junk Food your weakness?

Eating popcorn, or some deliciously greasy French fries, is not going to help you win a marathon any time soon..everyone knows that the fast food is full of killer crap!The chemicals used in food wrappers are carcinogens according to  the FDA report.Junk food has too many unhealthy calories that not only makes you obese but also increases chances of heart related problems.



 6. Sitting for long hours!!

Humans are not sedentary creatures,but modern lifestyles have forced people to spend far longer sitting down than standing up.Why sitting is killing you??

-As soon as you sit,electrical activity in the legs muscle shuts off!!

-Calorie burning drops to 1 per minute.

-Enzymes that help break down fat drops to about 90%.

-After two hours of sitting  good cholesterol drops to 20%, and risk of diabeties increases!!



 7. Skip television for prolong life!

Hey, TV viewers, Beware! Here is something that is not so healthy discovery for you.According to a research done in Australia, every hour spent in front of an idiot box can reduce your life by 22 minutes!! Yeah, it might be jaw dropping to hear ,but it states that watching TV can reduce your  life expectancy by 4.8 hours!


 8. Is your lifestyle affecting you sex life ?

A better lifestyle can give you a better sex life. Studies have shown that there is a direct co –relation between lifestyle issues and sexual dysfunctions.This might be a good time to finally get on to the treadmill that’s been acting as a cloths hanger for so long!!Eat healthy, sleep better,and exercise for the great time between the sheets!!