8 Reasons Why Smartness is a Brainchild of Laziness

8 Reasons Why Lazy People Are Actually Really Smart!

We all have that one lazy person around us, who just involuntarily gets on our nerves. Be it the comfort in their life or their achievements without any efforts, lazy people are definitely worth being jealous of. To add to it, they also happen to be the smartest bunch of people around. Read on to find out how.

1. The Ultimate Extremists


Lazy people define what extreme levels are in a different way. Confused? Well, think of it in this way that these people can delay actions like eating (the kitchen is too far), paying a visit to the bathroom and watching a boring show on television  (where is the remote?) until it reaches intolerant levels. They are indeed the most patient people you will ever come across.

2. Profound Multitasking Skills


Laziness gives birth to great abilities and one of them is multitasking. Be it talking on the phone, eating, sleeping or even surfing on the internet, they can do it all at once due to their unparalleled experience. So if you need a lesson in multitasking in the near future, you know whom to ask for.

3. Alternative Easy Solutions for Everything


Well, lazy people are so smart that they involuntarily end up finding easy solutions for all activities. Please note, that easy here refers to anything that does not require any kind of movement.

4. The Sharpest People


It would be surprising to know that lazy people are indeed the sharpest. Wondering how? Well, since they are so reluctant to indulge in taxing activities, they figure out other ways of learning things by paying attention to detail. No wonder they end up providing one of the most brilliant ideas for a problem.

5. Permanent Energy Saver Mode


Since moving around and getting things done is nothing but a dream for lazy people, they end up saving a lot of energy and time. Just to confirm, this time saved is utilised in nothing but  indulging in some more relaxation!

6. Master Inventors


A relaxed body and a mind at peace makes for a great workspace for creative thinking, don’t you feel so? Hence, it is no surprise that lazy people are one of the best inventors out there. Need some examples to relate to it? Well, how about a racket to kill mosquitoes or a hand-shaped scratcher for your itching back.

7. Mind Blowing Business Proposals


Such is their love for laziness, that these people even end up thinking of ways to start a business where they could make millions and still stay in bed!

8. Ease, Convenience and Brilliance


The reason why you often feel jealous of lazy people is the fact that they can get their work done easily. Also, the method in which they go about it is nothing short of pure brilliance. So, if you are pointing a finger at them for partying too much, do keep in mind that they must have earned it.

So, it is but obvious that these points must have given you a different outlook towards lazy people. While they may be lethargic and often not in a presentable state, they more than make up for it by utilizing their ever active brains!


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8 Reasons Why Smartness is a Brainchild of Laziness

8 Reasons Why Lazy People Are Actually Really Smart!

We all have that one lazy person around...

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